Crazy Rich Asians review

Crazy, rich, colorful movie!

Crazy Rich Asians is a movie based on a novel of the same name and is directed by Jon Chu. It is about Rachel Chu, who is in a relationship with Nick Young, who happens to be crazy rich and she apparently has no clue about it. She gradually starts to realize that upon taking a flight to Singapore where they are to attend Nick’s best friends wedding.

This film has made a great deal of buzz already and I may be the last person expounding on it. It came out here after a long deferral in the first week of October. I heard that Netflix wanted to produce the film, however, the makers believed in their movie and had a point to prove and opted for Warner Bros. instead.

The Joy Luck Club (1993)

Though this is not the first one to have been produced by a major studio. The Joy Luck Club that came out in 1993 was actually the first one. It has been so long since then that this one seems to be the first. Having mentioned The Joy Luck Club, can’t help but recommend you to check it out! It is a beautiful film with such a fantastic storyline! With such a fine film that came out so many years ago, I wonder why it took so long for other films to get a wider release like this one has in today’s time. Better late than never! 

Coming back to Crazy Rich Asians, it is an entertaining film that has been shot beautifully. The movie is as colorful as the poster is! The movie focused a lot on the lavish locations, fancy cars, designer costumes, parties and the lifestyle of the super rich. We see how shallow and void their lives are despite monetary abundance. The film really does look beautiful! Ain’t no doubt about that!

About the performances, it took me quite long to remember the recent work of Awkwafina in Ocean’s Eight, it was like, was she really in it at all? On the contrary, she was amazing as the amusing & cool, sincere friend come Asian Ellen whenever she came on screen. While for me, the rest of the cast was ok, Michelle Yeoh gives an intense performance as the potential monster in law.

The plot is nothing we have not seen previously and in certainty was a common Bollywood one. I am not grumbling, it is a social comparability, thus, it is obvious. A poor girl, a rich guy and or the opposite has been the plot of so many Hindi films since decades. I think I am griping now. Being an Indian, there were many instances that I could easily relate with, much like, “The Big Sick” which also dealt with identity issues for immigrants. It’s not what the movie is about, it’s the larger than life way that it has been presented in that counts making it appealing to the masses.

There was a group of girls who had come to this one and seemed extremely energized all through. Specifically, during some really powerful dialogues at the end of the film, which I liked as well. One with the round of mahjong and second was the outcome of the side plot. Mahjong yet again reminded me of The Joy Luck club, as that’s where I recognize the game from.

You can surely give this one a shot. Happy endings once in a while can be a feel good thing and this is a feel good movie. At the same time, if prosaic stuff is not your style, clearly this is not a film for you. I am giving it half an extra point alone for becoming a stepping stone in a new Hollywood!

Crazy Rich Asians

*** 3/5 ***

*** ⛄️ ⛄️ ⛄️ ***


Constance Wu

Henry Golding

Michelle Yeoh

Gemma Chan


Lisa Lu

Ken Jeong


Peter Chiarelli

Adele Lim


Jon M. Chu

Warner Bros. Pictures

Runtime: 2hr, 1 min

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