Period. End of sentence

An experience…

“Menstruation is the biggest taboo in India” – Arunachalam Murauganantham (Social Entrepreneur, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India)

Period. End of sentence is a short documentary about a group of women in Hapur, Uttar Pradesh, India. They learn to use a machine that produces low-cost biodegradable sanitary pads, which they pitch to other women under the brand name FLY.

This is an ambitious project that centers around making periods, a taboo free topic. Along with it is improvement of not only female hygiene, however, health as a whole.

It is a fact that menstruation is considered as something people shouldn’t talk about in my country. In the documentary, the area shown is outside 60kms of New Delhi, though, tell me a place in the capital of the country, where this subject is talked about without hesitation? If me, or you were to state examples, we can come up with literally too many of them.

Sure, times are changing. I do not disagree. If you are an Indian and you are reading this article, you might as well oppose saying, that’s not exactly the case. Tell me, do you not hide your sanitary pad whilst at work or maybe even at home, from the male co – workers or male members? We shy away from even mentioning about this out loud, especially to men.

This is not the situation only in our country though. I have lived in Nepal for many years. They even have a tradition called “Chhaupadi”, as indicated by which women / girls are not permitted to enter the kitchen or sanctuary or even partake in any everyday exercises amid those days of the month as they are looked at as debased. They are supposed to live separately in a “menstruation hut”. I have seen this with my own eyes, this is the truth that exists even today. “Nachune”, i.e. “untouchable”, is the term used for periods in Nepalese language! Women are not allowed to enter the kitchen / temple, even in the city area, and I am talking about well educated women who follow this practise.

Arunachalam Murauganantham

Also, I watched “Padman”, which is based on the life of Arunachalam Murauganantham, whom we also see in this film, left me shocked. The traditions that are practised in some parts of India, are similar to those I mentioned above! I quickly checked so as to know how much of it is true and found out that most of it in fact is true, other than what was added as a cinematic element to raise the drama factor. While I have mentioned about it, you might as well want to catch Padman, which has been made with a similar intent and that is the best thing about it.

Padman (Hindi) Snowhite’s rating: 3/5

I am blessed to have been raised in a family where I can ask my dad to get sanitary pads for me when I can’t do so myself. Nor does my faith confine me from visiting the gurdwaara (Sikh place of worship) or entering the kitchen during these days. This was an ordinary thing for me, until I saw how these situations can be in rural areas or in families where they shy away from the topic or consider it a taboo. Furthermore, what hurts, is the fact that even educated people believe in unnecessary myths and practice them and pass it on to future generations.

This is an important documentary that everyone should get a chance to watch, not only in the rural, but in the urban areas as well. It is effective and powerful in spreading the intended message about the natural phenomena. There is nothing to feel ashamed or embarrassed due to any dumb superstition around bleeding during those days or about using a pad. Feeling or made to feel ashamed of menstruating is like being ashamed or made to feel ashamed of being a woman. It is not something to laugh about, it is not something that men shouldn’t know about or pretend as if they do not know about. Nor should one support any mindless practices around chums and or advocate it.

The film throws light on the mindset of people of all age groups around the subject, problems that women in rural areas have to face during these days and otherwise as well, also affecting their education and future. We are also introduced to a bright ambitious girl who strives to bring a change in the society. We get to know how patriarchy dominates the society resulting in the situation and circumstances that woman have to face. The production of low cost sanitary pads and making India a 100% napkin using country is also set in focus. In about 26 minutes, the movie tries to capture multiple angles of looking at the situation and ends on “hope”.

The Oscar Win

I would like to thank Rayka Zehtabchi and team, who chose such an important subject that needed light thrown on. Thanks to the Academy for recognizing this film, which brought our attention to this project. I feel happy to have been able to watch this movie and write down my feelings and share it with you all, this has further helped me to change the way I look at the topic as well and has helped me become a better person.



*** ⛄️⛄️⛄️⛄️ ***

Director (s): Rayka Zehtabchi

Producer (s): Rayka Zehtabchi, Melissa Berton, Garrett Schiff, Lisa Taback

Music: Giosuè Greco, Dan Romer, Osei Essed

Cinematography: Sam Davis

Editor: Sam Davis

Runtime: 25min


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Captain Marvel review

Superhero films are films too!

A true Marvel fan would easily get emotional just by the opening tribute to Stan Lee! “Thank You Stan Lee”, Oh yeah, as you would expect, I was all teary eyed!

First off, I don’t really understand all the hate that this film has been receiving! If you genuinely do not like it, that’s a different chapter and that’s absolutely alright. Though, it was absolutely outrageous, the way, the movie received negative reviews even before its release following Larson’s statement. I don’t understand why does the world only have so much negativity, it’s like people would do anything to bog down someone or something!

Anyways, I was least bothered! A female lead in a superhero film, that too first in MCU, starring Brie Larson, who as we all know will have a noteworthy task to carry out in Endgame! At least that’s what we know till now! All this was enough for me to catch the film as it is!

I have heard from a couple of people that they did not like the story and it stood as a weak factor in the film. I wouldn’t agree or completely disagree with that. Yes, there is stuff that we have seen before and there were things that were predictable, be that as it may, I wouldn’t completely disregard the story. It isn’t true that it is one hundred percent just the similar stuff, it has different and new elements too. With a new character being added to the MCU, someone who has a vital role to play in the upcoming and most awaited film, this for me was a decent backstory for the character. I have a good feeling about this character and it matters to me on an emotional level as well, our newest super hero being a woman! And goodness gracious! Is she powerful! Yes, I agree, we have unanswered questions about her powers, though, that’s how most of the superheroes are! Isn’t it? Insanely powerful! Call me whatever you want to, I am happy that this woman, hopefully, is gonna kick Thanos’ ass. 😂

Mostly all of us have been mentioning about not knowing her weakness. She has barely discovered herself, it’s formulaic, though, with mostly all super heroes, by that I mean the way they begin discovering themselves. At the same time, she wasn’t completely in control of the entire situation, right? And it is not necessary to display all the cards upfront, is it? Despite everything we don’t have the foggiest idea what this universe has in store for us. May be we do become more acquainted with soon. We absolutely don’t need Endgame to be an easy victory!

Brie Larson has been trolled real bad following the trailer saying she is vacuous and she doesn’t fit in or won’t most likely be able to pull it off. Truth be told, yes, I am an avid fan of the MCU, however, I wouldn’t say that I absolutely loved the trailer in particular. Though I was still hopeful, hence, I had predicted a personal score of 4/5 on a template created by my friends at @moviefiles. I would strongly disagree with anyone who says Larson did not fit in. She was absolutely fantastic and suitable as a girl struggling with memories, looking for answers and trying to discover herself. Samuel L Jackson, as our beloved Fury, is fantastic, he is one of the best characters that we have in the universe. I also especially liked the character played by Mendelsohn and Lynch was also good in her part, whereas, other characters were meh.

Yeah, the mid credit scene is emotional, though I was actually expecting more it seems. That wasn’t something unexpected, we knew that was coming, at the same time, I am glad as well. No one knows what we are gonna get out of Endgame and keeping it exactly that way and not disclosing anything much, just makes it better. Though, the first encounter of Captain Marvel with our Avengers (oops, remaining Avengers), was definitely thrilling.

One could conceivably like superhero films, one ought not circumvent spreading antagonism out of nothing. We really need to learn to respect one’s opinion as well. Super hero films are films too, we cannot categorize them into a place of lesser worth or value. It takes a lot of hard work to make a film, regardless the genre, kindly don’t deprecate these films! We do have the freedom to like and dislike whatever we want to, though, trying to bring something or someone down, is not cool!

Captain Marvel is a beautiful and stunning film visually. It is emotional, has all the MCU vibes, has some amusing and endearing moments. For the first time in MCU, the music has been done by a female composer, Pinar Toprak. I wouldn’t say the music has stayed with me, though, it fits in and serves the purpose. Captain Marvel as a film may not soar high amongst all other terrific movies that we have seen within this universe, though, it isn’t bad by any means. It is entertaining and worth your time. Please go and check it out!

And did I say that I am a cat person? 🐱 ☺️

Captain Marvel

*** 3.5/5 ***

*** ⛄️ ⛄️ ⛄️ ❄️ ***


Brie Larson

Samuel L. Jackson

Ben Mendelsohn

Djimon Hounsou

Lee Pace

Lashana Lynch

Gemma Chan

Annette Bening

Clark Gregg

Jude Law

Writer(s): Anna Boden, Ryan Fleck, Geneva Robertson-Dworet

Director: Anna Boden, Ryan Fleck

Marvel Studios

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Runtime: 2hr, 4min

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Aquaman review

For Your Eyes Only!

I have been overly amped up for Aquaman, ever since the day it was announced. I liked the trailers and had a feeling of, “I want this to be good”. Somewhere, deep within me, to be honest, I was underestimating DCEU and was under an impression that I may walk out disillusioned.

I saw it on the very day of its release. I had to wait in order to write a review, as I wanted to see how much of it would stay with me besides the visuals that were so strikingly beautiful! Though I knew the answers, I wanted to see if I would want to watch it again any time soon and, or, if it remains at the forefront of my thoughts a couple of days later as well.

Aquaman, is the sixth film in the DCEU. This denotes the third appearance of Aquaman in the DCEU since Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) and Justice League (2017). This is his first full length solo ride as Arthur Curry.

This is a beautiful film! As a matter of fact, DCEU has always been excellent with the visuals! That’s no surprise! This one, with a new skipper, has been handled in a different manner. The opening of the film is adorable and it provides the required back story narrated by Arthur Curry, before we enter the present after about 10 minutes. We are then introduced to one of the bad guys before the hero saves the day and we take our first look at Jason Momoa in and as “Aquaman”.

Patrick Wilson as the Ocean Master
Yahya Abdul-Mateen II as Black Manta

I am somehow always more interested in the villain, than the lead. There is a great degree of pleasure I feel in witnessing a cruelly malicious and noxious character devoted to being wicked, underhanded and plain bad. Our superhero has to face double trouble in the face of Black Manta and King Orm. While the Ocean Master, is effective enough, Black Manta did not appeal to me as such.  He appears to be nothing more than just a reprobate missing profundity. The good part is, though it has two villains, it is managed alright, it isn’t that enormous a botch. I strongly felt that many of the flashback sequences were superfluous and just added on to the length of the film. Instead, the time could have been utilized to throw some light on the character of Black Manta.

According to Wan, his vision was to create a superhero film that is not like all the other traditional ones. And, he wanted to film the Sicily chase scene “Bond style”, which also happens to be one of the highlight sequences. That gives me a pretty clear understanding of the choice of music too. You are definitely not getting a film that has a similar tone to the previous films in this universe, in fact it will feel really different to everything that has come out till now.

The plot is the biggest negative. I was not expecting anything much on that front any which ways, so would not count that as a disappointment. They played extra safe and had a conventional approach to the storyline. Wan has added an emotional touch to the story along with a good message, which is pretty decent and not laughable or silly. As soon as you see the beginning of the movie, it takes hardly a few minutes to figure out where the film is going and how the characters are going to end up.

Jason Momoa is perfectly reasonable for this kind of a role. The character requires a certain amount of charisma and personality with a dash of appeal and charm, and he has that in him to be able to carry the film. I really enjoyed his stylish entry. He is at times confident and at times confused, born on the wrong side of the ocean, Aquaman has the power to win hearts. Amber Heard as princess Mera is good in her part and plays a vital role in the film delivering a fair performance. Though my favorite princess remains to be Diana of Themyscira and I feel more for the film on an emotional level too.

The soundtrack of the movie by Rupert Gregson Williams (who also did Wonder Woman), isn’t something that left a mark on me. I gave it a second chance too, I heard it separately as well, I could not feel a connect with it! “Arthur”, sounds like a track listed from the eighties, “Kingdom of Atlantis”, felt like something we have heard many a times already. In fact, that is how I pretty much felt about the entire soundtrack, with the only one that I liked, being “Black Manta”.  “Everything I Need”, did not pull my heartstrings, the way “To be Human” did in Wonder Woman. That is not something that would affect each one of you, it is just me, particularly invested in the music of a film!

The movie felt Game of Throne-ish, Harry Potter-ish, Fast and Furious like (also the director’s previous film), even Piranha-ish, fantasy, treasure hunt movie featuring a superhero. The fascinating submerged world that they have envisioned and created, is worth a lot of praise. It doesn’t matter whether or not you have seen the previous DCEU films. You can give this movie a chance, this is definitely worth the time and money despite the flaws it has.

People have already started comparing Aquaman to Avengers: Infinity war, which is absolutely unfair! You cannot compare a film that is the first part of the end result of eighteen previous films and ties in the stories and characters from all those films to a single film. Aquaman, for the vision of Wan, is a good film under the feather of DCEU, and we should just learn to appreciate that instead of coming up with comparisons every single time. I can say that, I would readily pay double the ticket price for something this stunning visually, whether it is MCU or DCEU. The hard work that has gone behind the film is conspicuous and I appreciate it wholeheartedly.


*** 3/5 ***

*** ⛄️ ⛄️ ⛄️ ***


Jason Momoa

Amber Heard

Willem Dafoe

Patrick Wilson

Dolph Lundgren

Yahya Abdul-Mateen II

Nicole Kidman

Writer(s): Geoff Johns, James Wan, Will Beall

Director: James Wan

Warner Bros. Pictures

Runtime: 2hr, 22min

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A Quiet Place review

Come a little closer, hear what I have to say…

I am someone, who maintains a safe distance from horror films. Believe me when I tell you that, I saw The Shining, only recently as well. I needed to in light of the fact that it is a Kubrick film. (Yes, I loved it, thanks Zubair) Hence, I had been avoiding “A Quiet Place” as well. So, the other day, after knowing just a little bit about the film, I promised a cinephile friend to see it within a week. A promise, is a promise, so, I finally decided to cross this one off my list. (All that back story, was basically to tell you all that I keep my promises! 😁)

I watched this in broad daylight, making sure everyone’s home, in case I needed help! Dude, I told you, horror’s not for me! Well, I can say, I am happy that I gave it a chance. Thank You Mohammed!

A Quiet Place is set in a dystopian world, where a family struggles to survive from the terror of deadly creatures. These creatures, apparently, have a very acute sense of sound and are easily attracted to it.

This was a pretty tense, yet enjoyable film. Even if you are not a horror enthusiast, you can give it a chance. This is more towards a thriller come drama. The horror is more to do with the environment in the movie. As the title suggests, the sounds and silence play a major role in the film. Like, you know, how even silence can be so irritating at times. Almost as if, silence also has a sound! That is the motto of the film and it works. They must have had to take silence pretty seriously on the sets too. Each and every sound has been captured in a crystal clear manner which also makes it effective. Now, there’s a negative point that comes along with it. Let’s discuss that later.

The cinematography by Charlotte Christensen creates a gorgeous look! She has done a fantastic job at breathing life into the post apocalyptic world.  The creatures in the film, as you would imagine, are ugly like hell! And they are perfect! I have to mention, these creatures reminded me of Stranger Things. Am I insane or did these creatures look similar to The Mind Flayer? To me, they felt similar, who knows they must be related?

Emily Blunt has delivered a fantastic performance as the mother, who stops at nothing to save her family in the worst of situations. I liked her performance and presence to be the best in the film.  Krasinski plays his part well and is fantastic as the director too. The best part is that it stands at a length of ninety minutes and they have managed to let you have a glimpse of a day to day life in the conjured up world that they have made.

Now, going back to the previous point that I saved for later. If the said creatures, have a strong sense of hearing, there are many misses in the film. As I watched, I felt as though I was the creature with much sharper listening skills. That is a huge error! I do not mean to nitpick, though I am kinda, sorta, maybe, compelled to.  I won’t dig any further into that. I should still, also mention that, a few points in particular, though have overlooked common sense in many ways, have still been done well. Coming to the character of Simmonds, I found her very predictable. “You have to pay the price for being cute/stubborn”, kind of a character. I easily knew so as to where the character was leading the film to, along with the outcome of it. In a way, the entire story circled around that one character and it did not offer anything that surprising or shocking to me.

Attention to detail is missing in this movie! Stuff that happens is glaringly erroneous! Had it been given more thought and re-writing, taking into account the impossible, this could have been an even better film. I understand that it is just a movie at last and they had to build it up around something, a certain way. This is pretty much a one time watch. Not a movie to be visited again any time sooner, that’s not the case, just with this film, though, you know, you already saw what happened once and it doesn’t provide that kind of a reaction again. One thing is for sure that this movie, will give you a guaranteed fun ninety minutes, that is, if you do not put too much thought into it.

A Quiet Place

*** 3/5 ***

*** ⛄️ ⛄️ ⛄️ ***


Emily Blunt

John Krasinski

Millicent Simmonds

Noah Jupe

Writer(s): Bryan Woods, Scott Beck, John Krasinski

Director: John Krasinski

Paramount Pictures

Runtime: 90min

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The twins!!!

Which one is better?

The Miseducation of Cameron Post and Boy Erased are both based on the dangerous practice of gay conversion therapy. The Miseducation of Cameron Post is based on a book of the same name by Emily M. Danforth, whereas, Boy Erased is based on Garrard Conley’s memoir, also by the same name.

Though both the films, are about the same subject, the treatment and approach to it, is different. There is a very fine possibility that you know well enough about Boy Erased, since it is a bigger production, whereas The Miseducation might not be known that well enough. It has been almost a year since the movie came out and I finally had the opportunity to catch it.

The world, may think I’m foolish, they can’t see you, like I can… Oh, but anyone, who knows what love is… Will understand…

The Miseducation of Cameron Post is set in the 90’s and is about a 17 year old girl named Cameron Post, who has to reluctantly, be a part of a conversion therapy. We have seen many other films about the experience of first love, sexuality, the very meaning of one’s existence, problems related to teenage life and so on. This movie also has similar elements alongside, throwing light on a dreadful truth, which I am shocked to know still exists. To not accept a person for who they are, is one thing, I still cannot stomach the fact that “people abuse people” not only emotionally, however, in the name of god as well. How blind can humanity be? Though it differs the topic, Spotlight had been another movie that brought forward some shocking realities which was also attached to spiritual abuse. To be able to capture something so sensitive, in a simple way is what make Miseducation a delightful movie experience.

Chloe Grace Moretz gives a strong performance as the confused, sensitive girl who is being taught and asked to despise herself and doubt her reality. We have a great supporting cast as well, with Jennifer Ehl being readily hate worthy, along with two other members of the centre, Sasha Lane and Forrest Goodluck who are also paying the price for being the people that they are. Cammie’s guardians aren’t paid much attention to, the movie is set more around Cammie and her friends and their struggles, which is the best way to pull this off in  90 minutes. Despite of the short length, the movie effectively manages to be able to show Chloe’s sentiments and state of mind.

I understand that the movie is based on a book and the screenplay is co-written by Akhavan and Frugiuele, and I completely was able to receive what they wanted to put across the audiences. However, what I would want to know is, how would have this story been presented, if it were to be told according to the present time. As I learned, the sin still exists! What is it like in the present times, when we look at things a different way? That would have been an alternative way of putting it as well.

The Miseducation of Cameron Post official trailer

Nevertheless, this film works and makes you feel a blend of emotions all at once. I heard raves about it, and I can see why. The beautiful film, also with a beautiful soundtrack, will let you have a good time!

You’re a revelation, won’t you liberate me now? From a holy bound, you’re a revolution, I will liberate you now, as the walls come down…

Boy Erased, is about Jared Eamons, who happens to be the son of a Baptist preacher, who is sent to attend a gay conversion therapy to “fix” him. This is a true story about Conley, though the characters are based upon the life of what he experienced, they have been shown using different names.

I liked this movie more than I had figured I would. I was prepared for what the movie is going to be about, however, to actually find out how worse things had been, just hit me really hard especially in some of the scenes in specific. Getting to know the horrible beliefs that exist in society are depressing. This one, succeeds to be able to present the ugly truth of those deeply disturbing experiences.

This is a difficult film to watch. And by saying that, I do not in any way count it as a short point. There are many emotional scenes throughout the film and the intensity of it only brings you one step closer to how bad things were. There is a scene in particular, that made me so puzzled, to be able to comprehend what was it that they wanted to do with the kids at the centre in the name of religion? It was scary!

I felt connected to the emotions of the family, that of a mother and a father towards their child, that of a child towards their parents. Family is important fellas! More than we think! Additionally, I felt the pain that the kids suffer from what has been projected as a whole, although, I did not exactly feel as much connected to Jared as the central character. Though, Lucas Hedges is very good as Jared, who at first has the willingness to change and has not been able to understand his needs or existence and is torn apart between getting to be who he is and his family. The character did not work well personally. The reason could be that, this movie lays major focus on the involvement of parents. That’s exactly what worked for me, leaving me feeling comparatively less, for the main character. Kidman and Crowe are perfect in their roles as the parents, who is also confused and bound by values, norms and society, at the same time love their son. Edgerton (Gordo the weirdo), has done a fantastic job as Sykes, the leader of the group.

The movie has apparently not been given any cinematic change. Like most films these days, the timeline keeps jumping back and forth, that’s something that could have been avoided. This movie did not need that! For me, it also affected the pace of the film.

Boy Erased official trailer

All in all, this movie is a beautiful journey about change. A change that the characters go through, a change that you feel upon seeing the film. This movie is a journey of emotions and revelation, not only for the characters, however, for us as viewers as well.

These twin films are both good, in their own ways. They but obvious have certain similarities, hence, are twins. I am happy that movies and television today, bring up such sensitive subjects, such as, conversion therapy, FGM etc. and compell the audiences to give it a thought. Cinema, has really helped me to change as a person on many levels and also, change my thinking about certain issues and topics. If you are someone, who has been bitten by the insect of cinephilia, you can certainly watch both the films. On the other hand, if you want to explore a good film about the topic, which is simple yet delightful, Miseducation should be your choice, and by saying that, I do not at all mean that it is not emotional, it just works differently. Plus, if you want to see a real story and witness the ghastliness of this sinful practice, then Boy Erased is the film for you.


*** 3.5/5 ***

*** ⛄️ ⛄️ ⛄️ ❄️ ***


Chloë Grace Moretz

John Gallagher, Jr.

Sasha Lane

Forrest Goodluck

Marin Ireland

Owen Campbell

Kerry Butler

Quinn Shephard

Emily Skeggs

Melanie Ehrlich

Jennifer Ehle

Writer(s): Desiree Akhavan, Cecilia Frugiuele, Emily M. Danforth (Book)

Director: Desiree Akhavan


Runtime: 1 hr, 30min

Boy Erased

*** 3/5 ***

*** ⛄️ ⛄️ ⛄️ ***


Lucas Hedges

Nicole Kidman

Joel Edgerton

Joe Alwyn

Xavier Dolan

Troye Sivan

Cherry Jones


Russell Crowe

Writer(s): Joel Edgerton, Garrard Conley (Memoir)

Director: Joel Edgerton

Focus Features

Runtime: 1 hr, 54min

Disclaimer: I do not own the images provided.

Bohemian Rhapsody review

Scaramouche, Scaramouche, will you do the Fandango?

The movie is about the loved British rock band Queen. It focuses on the life of their  lead vocalist, “Freddie Mercury” leading to a grand finale, which was the band’s Live Aid performance at Wembley Stadium on 13th Jul, 1985. The movie starts from his early days of being a baggage handler at London airport, leading to how he met “Smile” and then becoming a star, plus, showing us “Queen” and “Freddie” behind the curtains.

As we all know, when the very first trailer dropped, the early reactions, were negative, stating, Rami Malek did not look like Freddie. Soon after the movie came out, those negative reactions about the look, seem to have faded away (thankfully) for good. One doesn’t have to be a 100% clone in order to play a famous figure, in fact, I for one feel, an actor can even give his personal inputs to the depiction of a character based on the amount of time, the hard working actors spend on learning about those personalities and adapting every bit of their idiosyncrasies.

Same was the case with Malek, who seems to have gone through all the blood, sweat and tears, trying to, and succeeding at not just portraying, but becoming Freddie. The manner in which he looks around, the manner in which his body turns, each self important move,  Freddie’s signature style of using the microphone, his naughty attitude, the playfulness in his eyes, his exuberant persona, simply put, just everything, was perfect! The greater part of it is when he starts to perform, it was simply magical!

“I have visions of actually having a film made of my life story, one day, which I would have a key part in. I might not play the lead myself. My dears, the things I’ve done in my lifetime, it’ll be totally triple X-rated, I’ll tell you.” – Freddie Mercury

It is true that the facts have been ignored a lot in this movie. Truth be told, if we somehow managed to begin talking about it, the rundown would be very long. Though, the good part is, they showcased Freddie, seems almost like the kind of person he actually was. I wrote an article about a television series based on the assassination of Gianni Versace in the past. I had mentioned that they should not have twisted the real life events for a dramatic effect. Same is the case with Bohemian Rhapsody, why play with the facts, when something can be made just the perfect way by letting the actual events stand the way they occurred. Freddie was a very private person, sure there had to be some use of imagination, plus, making a biopic about a person who isn’t between us anymore, one adds a cinematic touch to it, which is fine, however, totally having twisted a major part of it isn’t personally appealing to me, especially, when it is a biography.

You may feel that the movie, only briefly touches the part about his illness. Well, yes, that part of it had to be imagined, as there is very little information available about it. Though, I felt, the movie rather lays a colossal accentuation on it. Like, if we talk about the part when they rehearse for the Live Aid and the events that occur after. That actually never happened! They have actually constructed a major part of the film around it! I think, a very good methodology of showing Freddie’s life, would have been to never focus on the illness at all. Actually, there is no clarity so as to when Freddie even got to know about the condition or when he revealed it to people. Think about it, he kept it hidden for as long as possible. It would really have been a beautiful approach this way. But then, you know, it works even better hitting a viewer emotionally, wherein we see a star’s struggle with loneliness and illness on top of it!

It is understandable and acceptable that some changes have to be made in an attempt to fit in as much as possible in a film. A movie cannot go on perpetually, though, the problem is the shift from one scene to another and it gets puzzling so as to where we arrive out of the blue. The movie undoubtedly looks beautiful in every single frame, giving a delightful vibe of the eighties. I was kinda regretting thinking, why wasn’t I born then! Ha! But then I would have been quite old. 😀

Wembley stadium London, 1985 “Queen’s performance”

The stage performances, including the Live Aid, which is the highlight, are really the soul of the film! Listening to those songs again, made me feel good about being alive and as if I was watching the band for real! The movie is absolutely entertaining and I was engaged mostly through the entire duration of it. I have seen the video of the actual Live Aid performance, and, I was flabbergasted to see the attention to detail and how accurately, they’ve captured it, including the Pepsi cups, which you won’t fail to notice either. Those aren’t just for advertisement, apparently Pepsi was a sponsor of the event back in 1985. The entire cast, no matter how little time they spent onscreen, has done a fantastic job as well, may it be the band members (some of them even looked like a carbon copy) or the rest of the supporting cast as well. The chemistry between the real life couple playing Austin and Mercury was very heart warming as well. They had a very beautiful relationship and the movie captures the essence of it. Plus, they have done a fantastic job with the vocals as well, using Marc Martel and Freddie’s voice mixed with that of Malek’s. Despite of the historical inaccuracies, it would be unfair to say that the movie didn’t do justice to the band or the life of Freddie. This was such a beautiful film, which I think may have up to a degree, succumbed to the issues with Singer. Fletcher took care of the remaining 16 days of the shoot along with post production work which ultimately affects the final product.

Rami Malek with Brian and Roger

Rami Malek’s performance, made me cry, not only because of Freddie’s tragic destiny, complicated life and relationships, however, also because I felt immense happiness by seeing and being able to feel, how much he must’ve put in, along with those people backstage, in order to achieve, what he has done.

Actual video of audience singing “Love of my life”

Bismillah! Don’t let this movie go! ☺️


*** 3.5/5 ***

*** ⛄️ ⛄️ ⛄️ ❄️ ***


Rami Malek

Lucy Boynton

Gwilym Lee

Ben Hardy

Joseph Mazzello

Aidan Gillen

Tom Hollander

Mike Myers


Anthony McCarten

Peter Morgan


Bryan Singer

20th Century Fox

Runtime: 2 hr, 14min

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A Star Is Born review

A movie that has been remade for the fourth time! What’s so special?

A Star Is Born is produced and directed by Bradley Cooper, denoting his directorial debut. This film is the fourth remake of the ones that came out in 1937, 1954 and 1976 by the same name. The movie that came out in 1937 was loosely based on What Price Hollywood that came out in 1932.

The film is about a musician named, Jackson Maine, who is an alcoholic and a drug addict. He discovers a talented younger singer and falls for her.

A Star Is Born was one of those trailers of the year, which I liked instantly. I adore musicals, though, I am not a girl who loves romance so much as a genre, in fact, it is the one I prefer the least. This one is a musical treat after a long time! Last one, definitely being La La Land. I feel happy to say, I found this version to be the best of all! It could especially be plausible additionally in light of the fact that, this one’s gonna be “the one”, for our generation and we can connect to this music and setup much more in comparison to the older versions. You may have heard me whining about sequels or remakes, nonetheless, if it comes to movies like these, I am compelled to contradict to my own statement. I am happy that this has been remade!

First of all, the newest version of Maine has turned out to be my most favorite. They lay the required focus on the male lead, making it more acceptable as a viewer and dependably answering the questions one may have about the character. I was silently sympathizing with him inside my head. Cooper’s performance as Jackson Maine is nothing less of perfection! On the other hand, many avid fans of Lady Gaga must’ve been psyched upon seeing her. That wasn’t the case with me. I have hardly heard her songs. First of all, after having seen her and heard her in this film, I regret not having been a fan already. This role is that perfect for her. She has not played Ally, she has lived the character of Ally. She has given every reason for people to fall in love, not only with her character, but also, Gaga as an actor. (Nope, I haven’t seen her in American Horror Story) Both Cooper and Gaga are enthralling! I did not feel any scene with the two of them to be unnecessary or pointless. That is how love is! You can’t choose or plan to pick a specific inclination or feeling towards somebody in particular. It just happens. Their characters work so well not only individually, but also as a couple because the relationship looked so real!

There is nothing to say in regards to how great the music is! The movie starts with “Black Eyes” and there couldn’t have been a better song! Man! What do I say about this electrifying number! In the blink of an eye, I was tapping my foot to the throbbing beats. Another song by Cooper, “Alibi”, with a steady pulse, has been making me go crazy. The simplicity of “Maybe it’s time” is so effective with those beautiful lyrics. I don’t even have words to be able to appreciate Gaga’s songs! The moment, “Shallow” dropped as the first available single before the complete album released on October 5th, I had already gone crazy for her. That moment when she is nervous to death (at 02.27), and she raises the pitch, it is beyond phenomenal! Better give her the gold! I got goosebumps, even as I wrote it! All singles by Gaga, “Hair, Body, Face”, “Why Did You Do That”, make you love the feeling of being in love, a little more! “Always Remember Us This Way”, is another special one! Not just for the singing, also the way you see her perform it is eminent. Lady Gaga, why did you do that to me?

Though the core and the basic element of all the films remain the same, there are some minor changes that really have a good impact on the script overall. There are many odes to the previous versions as well, which make you smile even if you have / haven’t seen the other ones. Actually, if you have not seen any of the previous renditions, it is highly likely that you will enjoy this one more than I did. Another mention worthy aspect of the film was definitely the strong presence of Sam Elliott as Bobby in the supporting role. It has been written brilliantly and performed oh so wonderfully.

I found a continuity error at times, especially in the latter half and felt a little confused. Besides, my issue with the film is that it has been titled wrongly. This movie has definitely given birth to more than one star! 😁 Lady Gaga is a queen who definitely has an invisible crown. I will be the first one to be psyched the next time she gets a project! As for Cooper, the man can act, the man can sing, he can play the guitar (after training for 12 months), write songs, correctly choose the leading lady and most of all, he turned out to be such a fabulous director as well!

What makes A Star Is Born special is that, it is a captivating movie that has been made sincerely. It gives a new musical definition to love, touches your heart with the agony that is wrapped up in the glittering fame and popularity. It grows on you and is dignified to be an instant classic! A movie that’s truly music to your eyes and the music is truly quite a view!

A Star Is Born


*** ⛄️⛄️⛄️⛄️ ***


Lady Gaga

Bradley Cooper

Andrew Dice Clay

Dave Chappelle

Sam Elliott


Eric Roth

Bradley Cooper

Will Fetters


Bradley Cooper

Warner Bros. Pictures

Runtime: 2hr, 15min

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