A Star Is Born review

A movie that has been remade for the fourth time! What’s so special?

A Star Is Born is produced and directed by Bradley Cooper, denoting his directorial debut. This film is the fourth remake of the ones that came out in 1937, 1954 and 1976 by the same name. The movie that came out in 1937 was loosely based on What Price Hollywood that came out in 1932.

The film is about a musician named, Jackson Maine, who is an alcoholic and a drug addict. He discovers a talented younger singer and falls for her.

A Star Is Born was one of those trailers of the year, which I liked instantly. I adore musicals, though, I am not a girl who loves romance so much as a genre, in fact, it is the one I prefer the least. This one is a musical treat after a long time! Last one, definitely being La La Land. I feel happy to say, I found this version to be the best of all! It could especially be plausible additionally in light of the fact that, this one’s gonna be “the one”, for our generation and we can connect to this music and setup much more in comparison to the older versions. You may have heard me whining about sequels or remakes, nonetheless, if it comes to movies like these, I am compelled to contradict to my own statement. I am happy that this has been remade!

First of all, the newest version of Maine has turned out to be my most favorite. They lay the required focus on the male lead, making it more acceptable as a viewer and dependably answering the questions one may have about the character. I was silently sympathizing with him inside my head. Cooper’s performance as Jackson Maine is nothing less of perfection! On the other hand, many avid fans of Lady Gaga must’ve been psyched upon seeing her. That wasn’t the case with me. I have hardly heard her songs. First of all, after having seen her and heard her in this film, I regret not having been a fan already. This role is that perfect for her. She has not played Ally, she has lived the character of Ally. She has given every reason for people to fall in love, not only with her character, but also, Gaga as an actor. (Nope, I haven’t seen her in American Horror Story) Both Cooper and Gaga are enthralling! I did not feel any scene with the two of them to be unnecessary or pointless. That is how love is! You can’t choose or plan to pick a specific inclination or feeling towards somebody in particular. It just happens. Their characters work so well not only individually, but also as a couple because the relationship looked so real!

There is nothing to say in regards to how great the music is! The movie starts with “Black Eyes” and there couldn’t have been a better song! Man! What do I say about this electrifying number! In the blink of an eye, I was tapping my foot to the throbbing beats. Another song by Cooper, “Alibi”, with a steady pulse, has been making me go crazy. The simplicity of “Maybe it’s time” is so effective with those beautiful lyrics. I don’t even have words to be able to appreciate Gaga’s songs! The moment, “Shallow” dropped as the first available single before the complete album released on October 5th, I had already gone crazy for her. That moment when she is nervous to death (at 02.27), and she raises the pitch, it is beyond phenomenal! Better give her the gold! I got goosebumps, even as I wrote it! All singles by Gaga, “Hair, Body, Face”, “Why Did You Do That”, make you love the feeling of being in love, a little more! “Always Remember Us This Way”, is another special one! Not just for the singing, also the way you see her perform it is eminent. Lady Gaga, why did you do that to me?

Though the core and the basic element of all the films remain the same, there are some minor changes that really have a good impact on the script overall. There are many odes to the previous versions as well, which make you smile even if you have / haven’t seen the other ones. Actually, if you have not seen any of the previous renditions, it is highly likely that you will enjoy this one more than I did. Another mention worthy aspect of the film was definitely the strong presence of Sam Elliott as Bobby in the supporting role. It has been written brilliantly and performed oh so wonderfully.

I found a continuity error at times, especially in the latter half and felt a little confused. Besides, my issue with the film is that it has been titled wrongly. This movie has definitely given birth to more than one star! 😁 Lady Gaga is a queen who definitely has an invisible crown. I will be the first one to be psyched the next time she gets a project! As for Cooper, the man can act, the man can sing, he can play the guitar (after training for 12 months), write songs, correctly choose the leading lady and most of all, he turned out to be such a fabulous director as well!

What makes A Star Is Born special is that, it is a captivating movie that has been made sincerely. It gives a new musical definition to love, touches your heart with the agony that is wrapped up in the glittering fame and popularity. It grows on you and is dignified to be an instant classic! A movie that’s truly music to your eyes and the music is truly quite a view!

A Star Is Born


*** ⛄️⛄️⛄️⛄️ ***


Lady Gaga

Bradley Cooper

Andrew Dice Clay

Dave Chappelle

Sam Elliott


Eric Roth

Bradley Cooper

Will Fetters


Bradley Cooper

Warner Bros. Pictures

Runtime: 2hr, 15min

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First Man review

When you trust a director with your eyes closed…

First Man is a biographical drama, directed by Damien Chazelle based on the life of Neil Armstrong and his voyage to the Apollo 11 mission to the moon in 1969.

I was captivated to no limits the first time I found out about this film. The fabulous team of Chazelle, Hurwitz, Sandgren and Cross collaborating again? A guaranteed success mantra! On top of it, it’s about space travel! Enough reasons as it is to anticipate the film!

As for those of you who are constantly connected with me on my Instagram account, might  already know this wasn’t really a subject that I would have otherwise been so keen on.  And, I came across a few other individuals as well who had the same thoughts about the subject. Though I have read the conspiracy theories around it, I looked at it just as a film and would like to start off by saying that all those of you should watch the film regardless. We shouldn’t miss a film like this for any reason at all.

This movie is made for and meant to be seen at the theater. Do not wait for a DVD release! You will miss the thrill watching this one on your smartphone or laptop screen. Nothing can supplant the magic of the lights getting dimmed and a movie playing in an auditorium as it is. On top of it, if the movie is as visually dazzling as the kinds of these, you are committing a sin, skipping this one!

The film, in a logical inconsistency to the sort of contemplation I had about it, ended up being a significant ride of a blend of various sentiments. I hadn’t expected myself to feel connected to the character, despite knowing how good of an actor Ryan Gosling is. Something I have watched and profoundly feel associated with Chazelle’s movies is the representation of dreams and or dreamers and emotions. The movie has been made and advanced in a way that you feel precisely what the character of Gosling feels, besides, without a doubt been depicted splendidly. The kind of pressure that these people work under is beyond imagination and to be able to capture the nitty gritty as a team is no less than accolade worthy. It is a crossroads in history that everybody is very much aware of and the greatest accomplishment of the film is to make one feel as though they were seeing everything, live! For those couple of minutes, I felt as though I were in fact transported to 1969! I was able to feel what people must’ve felt when it made the headlines!

If you are worrying for it to be way too technical, and beyond understanding as a layman, that is not going to be a problem. I thought likewise too, be that as it may, it has been put forward in a simple yet masterful way so it winds up simpler to fathom in the meantime sounds and feels bona fide. If you check out the actual last 15 minute video of landing on the moon, you don’t understand a thing even if it is with a transcript, yet so thrilling to watch! They have unquestionably put in a considerable measure of thought behind it, that being another triumph for the team.

The moon landing sequence alone, ought to be an exercise in the books on the most proficient method to flawlessly film a moon landing. 😁 For me, watching a movie is like meditating and there is no one in between me and the screen. This movie made it an even more beautiful experience with such mind blowing cinematography and production design. What else can we expect, from a person who has worked on the production design for the likes of Interstellar and Dunkirk. Visually, it is staggering! A complete winner all the way!

I was apprehensive about the music in the film. I have still not stopped listening to Whiplash and La La Land. I did not doubt Hurwitz for a second, however, this was something different to what we have heard from him till now. Nevertheless, his music works the way it is supposed to.

The movie is a thrilling ride in every manner. You feel the discomfort and uneasiness right in your face, especially, because of the very quivering manner it has been shot in. Their motive so as to make it this way was clear and they are more than a hundred percent successful in achieving that. Probably like many of us, I thought this movie was majorly going to be just about the moon landing. Indeed, that is what it is about, and the good part is that there is more to it. It is also about a vision behind the mission with some use of cinematic liberty and emotional approach and passionate methodology.

Now, there may be a divided reaction to that. Not everyone is going to likely accept or be able to connect with the emotional journey that they have showcased.  It may turn out to be an issue for some viewers. We often complain that an emotional edge was not necessary and could have been avoided in a particular film. Personally, it worked well, as I cried when Neil Armstrong cried on the screen. Please remember, it is a biographical drama and not a biography alone. Totally depends on you if you like that part of it! Nevertheless, you are not going to regret the technical aspect of it.

Movies on topics as such aren’t an easy one. The mission took several days and all they had was a couple of minutes to put it forward in the correct manner. They had to make sure it doesn’t get too long and also that they do not miss out on the imperative subtle elements. Despite of all the responsibilities and expectations that the audiences have from a maker and a team like this, what they have delivered is a movie that will be cherished for a long time to come.

First Man

*** 4/5 ***

*** ⛄️ ⛄️ ⛄️ ⛄️ ***


Ryan Gosling

Claire Foy


Josh Singer

Based on First Man: The Life of Neil A. Armstrong by James R. Hansen


Damien Chazelle

Universal Pictures

Runtime: 2hr, 21min

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The Meg review (And a quick take on other shark films)

Not pleased to see you!

The Meg is directed by Jon Turteltaub based on a book named Meg: A Novel of Deep Terror. The movie is about a group of scientists who discover a Megalodon shark amid a mission.

I don’t know for what reason are we getting more shark films. We have tons of them already and we certainly needn’t bother with another one. There have been an uncountable number of films around the subject that you barely have anything left to explore and includes just the same old thing new to the creative ability. That’s the biggest challenge for any movie based on this subject. The Meg too, brings nothing different to the table.

The movie did not have anything spectacular or adulate worthy that I would specifically mention. At first they think you are suffering from psychosis, when in need they come to you for help, then there is an over smart guy, plus a forced romantic angle, which is a flop attempt to add a sentimental edge, a giant Megalodon, ladies and gentleman, that’s The Meg for you.  The only good part about it was the pace of the film or else it would have been very hard to be in the auditorium for 103 minutes. At the same time, it had no curve balls or rushes which one would for the most part anticipate from a film about sharks. The humor also didn’t work and actually did not even make sense.

Jason Statham is suitable for the role for obvious reasons and that’s all. We don’t have to dig into that. He was more confident and serious than even Fin Shepard in the Sharknado series. I think, Fin was still terrified at times! 😀  There aren’t any astounding elements or phenomenal performances, and it doesn’t even aim to do so. Styrofoam squeaking is better than the poor acting in this film. In spite of the fact that a lot of it is to be blamed on them, the plot was extremely weak as it is. Everything, including even the tag line of the film was super cheesy and forgetful.

While we are here, talking about shark movies. Let’s quickly mention just a few:

⦁Open Water – Lousy on and off, yet a grievous one as it’s loosely based on a real life incident, though, made in such a way for a realistic effect. All shark footage used is real and (but obvious) so are the sound effects. Seemed like a lot of hard work behind filming it in over two and a half years. It doesn’t work as great as it is supposed to, though, it can be given a chance.
⦁Sharknado (made for TV) – These films made me want to end my life! You cannot believe how imbecilic they keep getting, only difference being they do it openly and proudly.
⦁Piranha – The so called parody, horror and comedy, doesn’t classify under any of those categories! It’s just garbage! Got nothing more to say about it.
⦁Shark Night – It is stale and amateurish. Does not even classify for a dumb fun.
⦁Deep Blue Sea – If this movie were a bait, sharks wouldn’t at all get attracted to it.
⦁47 Meters Down –  Why did they make it at all? They should have probably dug in deeper than that and maybe they would have found a meaningful… something! May be even undiscovered stuff! And guess what, there is a sequel coming out in 2019!
⦁The Shallows – Shallow indeed! Though, I did not dislike the idea of it, it is interesting on and off. The shark is seen barely for four minutes, which can be disappointing. That is how it has been made though. It is a survival story. Blake Lively’s performance makes the movie watchable.
⦁Jaws – Y’all know better! There is absolutely no need of mentioning anything about this one which you may have not already heard of. It is sensational, scary, thrilling, has the best haunting music, making it effective all the way. Jaws is to be blamed for setting a standard so high that none of the other films have ever possessed the capacity to outperform.

It couldn’t be any more obvious, just by listing a couple of them, we have enough shark films already! Why one more? The biggest problem is that we are getting way too many sequels these days or just a movie on a subject that’s already been explored a gazzilion times before (if that’s even a number). That makes every movie a ride of weariness readily. Hollywood is wasting time and money on topics and subjects we do not really wish to see anymore. On the off chance that you are somebody who has never seen a shark movie and it is your first experience, you might as well like it a tad. If you are someone who has seen every possible option on the subject, like me, you… I have said it all! Okay, I admit, I had nothing to do.

Please note: This isn’t as bad as Skyscraper or The Spy who dumped me. I wish they do a favor to humankind and stop making such films. I think I am on a mission to loathe these two films! Uh oh!

The Meg:  She’s the biggest thing you never saw coming. Duh! Wish she never came in the first place! And then I wouldn’t have had to see her.

Pleased to eat you!

The Meg

*** 1.5/5 ***

*** ⛄️ ❄️ ***


Jason Statham

Li Bingbing

Rainn Wilson

Ruby Rose

Winston Chao

Cliff Curtis


Dean Georgaris

Jon Hoeber

Erich Hoeber

Steve Alten (Novel)


Jon Turteltaub

Warner Bros. Pictures

Runtime: 1hr, 53min

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Crazy Rich Asians review

Crazy, rich, colorful movie!

Crazy Rich Asians is a movie based on a novel of the same name and is directed by Jon Chu. It is about Rachel Chu, who is in a relationship with Nick Young, who happens to be crazy rich and she apparently has no clue about it. She gradually starts to realize that upon taking a flight to Singapore where they are to attend Nick’s best friends wedding.

This film has made a great deal of buzz already and I may be the last person expounding on it. It came out here after a long deferral in the first week of October. I heard that Netflix wanted to produce the film, however, the makers believed in their movie and had a point to prove and opted for Warner Bros. instead.

The Joy Luck Club (1993)

Though this is not the first one to have been produced by a major studio. The Joy Luck Club that came out in 1993 was actually the first one. It has been so long since then that this one seems to be the first. Having mentioned The Joy Luck Club, can’t help but recommend you to check it out! It is a beautiful film with such a fantastic storyline! With such a fine film that came out so many years ago, I wonder why it took so long for other films to get a wider release like this one has in today’s time. Better late than never! 

Coming back to Crazy Rich Asians, it is an entertaining film that has been shot beautifully. The movie is as colorful as the poster is! The movie focused a lot on the lavish locations, fancy cars, designer costumes, parties and the lifestyle of the super rich. We see how shallow and void their lives are despite monetary abundance. The film really does look beautiful! Ain’t no doubt about that!

About the performances, it took me quite long to remember the recent work of Awkwafina in Ocean’s Eight, it was like, was she really in it at all? On the contrary, she was amazing as the amusing & cool, sincere friend come Asian Ellen whenever she came on screen. While for me, the rest of the cast was ok, Michelle Yeoh gives an intense performance as the potential monster in law.

The plot is nothing we have not seen previously and in certainty was a common Bollywood one. I am not grumbling, it is a social comparability, thus, it is obvious. A poor girl, a rich guy and or the opposite has been the plot of so many Hindi films since decades. I think I am griping now. Being an Indian, there were many instances that I could easily relate with, much like, “The Big Sick” which also dealt with identity issues for immigrants. It’s not what the movie is about, it’s the larger than life way that it has been presented in that counts making it appealing to the masses.

There was a group of girls who had come to this one and seemed extremely energized all through. Specifically, during some really powerful dialogues at the end of the film, which I liked as well. One with the round of mahjong and second was the outcome of the side plot. Mahjong yet again reminded me of The Joy Luck club, as that’s where I recognize the game from.

You can surely give this one a shot. Happy endings once in a while can be a feel good thing and this is a feel good movie. At the same time, if prosaic stuff is not your style, clearly this is not a film for you. I am giving it half an extra point alone for becoming a stepping stone in a new Hollywood!

Crazy Rich Asians

*** 3/5 ***

*** ⛄️ ⛄️ ⛄️ ***


Constance Wu

Henry Golding

Michelle Yeoh

Gemma Chan


Lisa Lu

Ken Jeong


Peter Chiarelli

Adele Lim


Jon M. Chu

Warner Bros. Pictures

Runtime: 2hr, 1 min

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Searching review

David Kim’s daughter is missing! And I was the one tensed! 😨

“Searching”, is a movie directed by Aneesh Chaganty which is about David Kim, who is looking for his 16 year old daughter by trying to track information through her social media feeds and computer data thoroughly as she goes missing all of a sudden. The entire movie takes place from the point of view of a laptop screen/phone screen with the use of all real websites such as Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and so on.

I am so thankful that I came across this movie. Thanks to my dearest cinephiles! I wasn’t paying any attention to it and I hadn’t even checked out the trailer! I would have regretted gravely, if I missed this one. It has come across as a huge surprise this year amongst such big and most awaited releases in April and July and also flicks for the horror enthusiasts.  This movie came in quietly and has really created a hype which you should believe. As the movie began, I could hear people talking and it was evident that they had no clue what the movie was about.

It’s so cleverly written and gripping plus brilliantly executed by the star of the show Aneesh Chaganty. I was completely invested in the film for those 102 minutes. It was a brilliant idea to incorporate BGM in a movie like this which is not a regular format yet has been given a touch of it. It really did play a colossal role for me as it got me even more into the tension that keeps elevating as the movie proceeds. I also became a part of the search mentally as if it was for real.

What makes it feel real is but obvious, the way it has been made. The sites and social media platforms are real and captured exactly the way they function. No use of fake sites and settings, everything is real and recognizable and you feel associated effortlessly.

I was under an impression that it probably would somewhat be like one of the episodes of Black Mirror. Plus, I had my speculations and doubts about the situation. It didn’t end up being anything like that.

Seeds: A short film by Aneesh Chaganty

Cannot forget to mention the brilliant performances by Cho and the supporting cast as well. You feel associated with the family as you witness their earlier years through recordings alongside the torment and anguish the father experiences. I looked at the film from an angle they wanted the audiences to look at it from. Every twist is believable and keeps building suspense, making you hope for a strong outcome and it gives you just that. The way the film has been put together as a whole is worth a praise more than just once, other than great performances, the major portion of the success of the film goes to Chaganty, who envisioned the project in a particular way and worked right at it to deliver a terrific film. Three cheers to Chaganty!

I love it when I watch a movie with no genuine enthusiasm for it in any case and after that it ends up being such a driven one.

Do you recognize all of these? I don’t 🙈

Out of a 100 people, maybe this movie would not work the way it’s supposed to for 10 of them. It completely depends on you as a viewer. Whether the clicks and navigation on computer screen makes it a bore for you or builds on to the suspense and tension. For me, it was the latter. It is easy to relate to because of the way people are glued to their devices at all times of the day. It includes me, it includes you, it includes all of us. The artistic effect is terrific and it accentuates the mystery element. Whatever may be your thoughts on this film, you will definitely enjoy the suspense and you would want to find out what happens.

It may appear a little slow at the beginning as we witness the earlier on years of the family, however, it is crucial to the story in more ways than one like helping to build an emotional connect with the family. Full marks for me! Searching is a winner all the way!

I want to be able to forget the film so that I can experience the tension which I enjoyed when I watched it first.

I request you 🙏

I order you 👇

I demand 👊

Watch this film!

Let’s support the ambitious film maker. Such films deserve all the attention! Spread the word!

Do not miss this one!


*** 5/5 ***

*** ⛄️ ⛄️ ⛄️ ⛄️ ⛄️ ***


John Cho

Debra Messing


Aneesh Chaganty

Sev Ohanian


Aneesh Chaganty

Sony Pictures

Runtime: 1hr, 42 mins

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The Spy Who Dumped Me review

If this movie were my boyfriend, I would have dumped him!

The movie is about two best friends, Audrey and Morgan who are in their thirties. Audrey has as of late been dumped by her boyfriend through an SMS. Both the girls stall out in an unexpected situation when they find out that the boyfriend who dumped Audrey is a spy.

Of course, I watch everything! As long as it is available at a cinema near me! I think as you read on, you may even be laughing at me, that I actually chose to watch it. I wanted to watch it just to find out how bad could it be. Very soon, I knew I was right indeed!

I truly and dependably attempt to begin on a good note, however, I honestly do not have any good points to note. It was just that bad! If there were a checklist to be made that qualified a movie to fall under the rundown of “Bad films”, The Spy Who Dumped Me would pass with flying colors! Among all the recent trash I have watched, this seriously stands tall in the first place!

Minimum Experience. Maximum Damage.

The tag line is so apt! (For all the wrong reasons!)

The plot had neither rhyme nor reason, which would also have been fine, if at least the buddy comedy come action film (or so it is supposed to be) made the audience laugh. I was bored within the first 20-25 minutes. It hardly had any laughs to offer and the auditorium was as if it were put on silent mode. I might have chuckled a little is all. I haven’t seen any other work of Susanna Fogel, hence, it will be unfair to comment on the direction, regardless, the writing is bad and the dialogues do not bring in anything entertaining either.

As far as the cast is concerned, there wasn’t anything much they could do due to a badly written plot in addition to the characters. Naturally, the movie felt too long and the ending is even longer. Pointless “Cirque du Soleil” act which is a forced attempt to make it look like a grand finale and yet again, another irritating villain in the face of the character named Nadedja. The girl is good at what she does, however, it is the character that was bad. Sam Heughan as Sebastian seems the only character which still turned out alright in a damn unsurprising story. Kate McKinnon was ok as Morgan Freeman definitely not great in a boring film. I am still not sure why was Gillian Anderson in the film? She was so wasted! That role could have been given to a newcomer, imagine the happiness of getting a job.

The Spy Who Dumped Me trailer

The movie seems to have been made for only a particular type of audience and I doubt they would like it either. Even those who may recently have had a breakup wouldn’t enjoy this film! Just sit back at home and choose Lorelai and Rory’s “wallowing” method to get over your heart break. This one is going to be no help! Though I am a girl, I have no problem with blood and gore, however, those of you who strolls in expecting some satire and not too much of action, might as well feel uncomfortable. As far as I remember, they did not show any of it in the trailers and it may come in as startling for such lot of people.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it. I strongly insist, just ignore it!

The Spy Who Dumped Me

*** 1/5 ***

*** ⛄️ ***


Mila Kunis

Kate McKinnon

Justin Theroux

Sam Heughan

Gillian Anderson


Susanna Fogel

David Iserson


Susanna Fogel


Runtime: 1hr, 57mins

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Mamma Mia! Here we go again review

I don’t think there must have been much trouble picking the title!

The movie takes place 5 years after the events of the first movie that came out 10 years ago! Mamma Mia was a huge blockbuster of 2008 and was only recently surpassed by Beauty and the Beast for being the highest grossing musical ever made along with being the highest grossing movie ever made by a woman which was also recently surpassed by Wonder Woman. It is one of those movies widely and profoundly cherished by fans everywhere. It easily led the makers wanting to cash in the success by making a sequel of the summer jukebox musical blockbuster based on the songs by ABBA, who were the best selling music artists of the 70’s.

The movie is based on both, the present and younger versions of Donna, Rosie, Tanya, Harry, Sam and Bill. Hence, the movie keeps going back and forth from the present to flashbacks of the time when Donna first met the three men. The two different timelines, work well enough. I think Ol Parker’s previous work in The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel and its sequel is comparatively better. The musical is a feel good kind of a film in which you can walk in and enjoy some singing and dancing with characters we have all loved once before. Most part of the film is the story from Donna’s diary, which we have already heard in the previous part. Honey, honey, how he thrills me a-ha! (I don’t really like that song) Remember?

Almost the entire original cast of the film has returned. We have Jessica Keenan Wynn and Alexa Davies playing young Tanya and Rosie respectively, along with Jeremy Irvine, Hugh Skinner and Josh Dylan portrays young Sam, Harry and Bill. I wasn’t bothered much about the younger versions of the male cast, though Skinner looked most apt for spontaneous Harry’s part. Lily James, plays young Donna however, she looks nothing like Streep (even the eye color is different). Nevertheless, she is still good in her part. We saw her recently in Darkest Hour and Baby Driver amongst her recent roles apart from television. Though she played Cinderella, I would rather remember her as the young and confident Donna!

This is one of those films loaded with errors, just like the previous one! It was clear by the trailers that Cher is playing Donna’s mom, who, it seems, has come to life! Correct me if I am wrong. Isn’t she supposed to be dead already? That’s as per what Donna said after Sophie’s bachelorette party in the previous film. Also, I was befuddled as I watched on, since the flashbacks showed Donna meeting the men in a different sequence as compared to what we heard before. The younger versions of Sam, Bill and Harry looked totally different to what they were supposed to, as compared to the photos we saw on the ship during “Our last summer” the last time! What’s happening?

I hadn’t heard the soundtrack of the film beforehand and for those who did, already knew Meryl Streep does not have a huge role in the film. Her presence was missed! According to the makers, she did not want to take on a big role in the film and anyways, whatever the reason is, it’s a bummer that she isn’t present in the film for long enough. Since, the biggest star of the film is not present, the makers had to find a way to still make it appealing for which they brought in Cher. They wanted to have her before as well, however, things did not work out then. That is the biggest issue with any sequel, they try too hard to make it bigger and better. The inclusion of Cher is not unwanted, she is totally apt as Ruby Sheridan, whom we only heard of a little till now, however, just to have her sing Fernando, they have Andy Garcia as her past lover. For those who have seen it, comprehend what they endeavored to infer, hence, “Fernando” was used. It felt pointlessly hauled towards the end. It was funny when one guy sitting two seats apart from me in the auditorium went like, “enough now, it should have ended already!”

The singing is definitely better this time around. Apparently young Donna sang way better! Loved her singing “Andante, Andante”. Even then, since most of the best songs were already used, not many options were left and most of the music numbers were reused. I liked Waterloo (also, already used in the end credits in the previous film), Fernando is very catchy as well. Despite of the singing, the music was better in the previous film. I love each and every version of “Gimme, gimme, gimme”, along with Voulez Vous, Lay all your love on me, Mamma Mia, Dancing Queen and Super Trouper. I can still listen to those infectious ABBA songs for hours!

ABBA – Gimme Gimme Gimme

I will not shy away from saying that the original cast did bring a smile on my face. They somehow mysteriously manage to do that! I am a crazy person! I would want a fun musical to make me want to get up and dance and that did not happen with this one. The locations are beautiful and all of them are fun to watch, though, such sequences and choreography isn’t something unseen before. If you are a fan, you will naturally see only the good in it, however, though it is fairly fun enough, it is not a great musical to be remembered for a long time. If “you are free, take a chance on it”.

Mamma Mia! Here we go again

*** 2/5 ***

*** ⛄️ ⛄️ ***


Pierce Brosnan

Colin Firth

Stellan Skarsgard

Julie Walters

Dominic Cooper

Amanda Seyfried

Sophie Christine Baranski

Lily James

Josh Dylan

Hugh Skinner

Jeremy Irvine

Alexa Davies

Jessica Keenan

Andy Garcia

Meryl Streep



Ol Parker

Richard Curtis

Catherine Johnson

Judy Craymer


Ol Parker

Universal Pictures

Runtime: 1hr, 54mins

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